System Certification

Quality Certificate:         

        JQH has established ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environment management system , OHSAS18001:2011 Occupational health and safety management systems-Requirement, IATF16949:2017Automotive Quality Management System,ISO 26000:Social Responsibility Management System,IQC080000:2018Hazardous Substances Management System and so on. The company had passed all the above certifications.



Certification on global scale:

        JQH’s R&D center devotes to optimizing the details in the product design process, analyzing the material cost, process and quality, to achieve cost-effective and high reliability. JQH is happy to satisfy the customer requirements, with lower manufacture cost, higher productivity, and eco-friendly.

        JQH has established ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environment management system, OHSAS18001:2011 Occupational health and safety management systems-Requirement, quality management systems-Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2000 for automotive production, IATF 16949:Automotive Quality Management System and relevant service part organization. The company had passed all the above certifications. In addition, JQH has also passed UL(United States), CUL(Canada), CB(ICECC), CE(EU), GS(Germany), VDE(Germany/EU), SAA(Australia), PSE(Japan), CCC(China), CQC(China), PSB(Singapore), EAC(Mexico), SABS (South Africa), KC(South Korea), ST(Malaysia), TISI(Thailand), NOM(Mexico), BIS(India), UN  Global Compact (Authorized by United Nations Global Compact) and other countries’ safety certification. Also JQH has passed GE, Panasonics, Flextronics and other customers’ products certification. JQH ensures stable products’ quality for developing future customers.

        Excellent customer resources are the foundation of for JQH’s sustainable future development. By serving the industry for many years, JQH has successfully become the leading supplier for multiple global high-end electronic equipment manufacturers based on our excellent quality, massive efficient manufacturing capability, fast engineering support and excellent customer service.

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